Abandoned Locomotives From Modern Times – A Train Graveyard In Poland

Abandoned Object In Łódź - Train Graveyard And Abandoned Station

Łódź is an ideal place for urbex lovers. We mainly associate this city with industrial objects from the 19th century like Uniontex or Osser’s factory.  Probably each of you has seen the spectacular cooling tower of EC-2. It’s located in Łodź as well. Trust me, Łódź is an urbex paradise. If you love abandoned buildings, you have to visit the city of Łodź. But what if you are a train lover? Oh, we have an offer for you, don’t worry. Here, you can also find the old station with an amazing train graveyard. Are you ready for the photos of the abandoned trains? So sit back now and enjoy the pictures and the story of course.

train graveyard

Hard Work And Human Suffering - The Dark Story Of The Old Train Station

There is a lot of exciting things in urban exploration. You can discover what has been undiscovered so far and you can feel the story of this place.  The train graveyard seemed to be new in comparison to Red Star Train Graveyard or Train Graveyard in Kraków. There were no old steam locomotives, but only modern but rusty trains. Everything looked pretty nice and we didn’t know about the terrible story of this place.  The train graveyard was a part of the rail network with a station, which was built by Germans during WWII. Ok, not really by Germans. The station with all the stuff was created by Jews at the behest of the Germans. So that was the former labour camp.

train graveyard ff7

Train Graveyard In The Labour Camp - What Actually Happened There?

As we mentioned before – the story of this place is terrible. All the stuff was built by Jews from the nearby ghetto. Construction works of the station were carried out in inhumane conditions. There was huge mortality here, and the victims were buried in railway embankments. At the cost of human blood and suffering, the station was opened in 1941. It was one of the biggest railway stations in Europe. The construction consisted of the railway network, water tower, administrative buildings, warehouses, and the train stop (which was closed in 1960). The end of construction, unfortunately, did not mean the end of the dramatic events. Actually, that was only the beginning of the problems.

ff7 train graveyard

Soviet Attack On Poland - The Dramatic Attack Started An The Station

During WWII  Poland was being attacked not only by Germans but also by Soviets. Unfortunately, they did not miss the city of Łódź. They arrived by train at our station and they raided the surrounding villages. The Soviets did not spare anyone and they robbed people who were hiding in the forests. They were so cruel. Drunken soldiers organized regular manhunts of women. They were able to attack the whole village and chase away the inhabitants. That was so scary. They were supposed to be liberators of Poland, but they turned out to be cruel enemies. They attacked all of Poland, but we’ll never forget the robbery in the country centre, which started on this station.

new jersey train graveyard

Our Urbex Trip To The Train Graveyard In Łódź - How Did We Get To The Abandoned Station?

Ok, today you’ve learned the whole story of this abandoned station, but you still don’t know why you can find abandoned modern locomotives in Łódź. The part of this railway station is still in use, but there is a small area which is a great place for retired locomotives. That’s all. Admiring new, but abandoned trains, we didn’t expect such a dramatic history of this abandoned place. Green trains didn’t remember the old times when the station was built by Jews. These trains didn’t see the Soviets attack.  They were left there maybe in the early 2000s. anyway, that create an industrial mood of this place and it is worth visiting this train graveyard

train graveyard bolivia

Urbex Photos From The Abandoned Train Graveyard - How Did We Get To This Place?

If you like unusual trips, the train graveyard is a perfect urbex location for you. Maybe there are no buildings (except the water tower, but we couldn’t get inside), but this place is magical. And the most important information – you can easily get inside this place. There are no fences or gates. We didn’t notice any security guards as well. It was safe to visit. You can enjoy the industrial mood of the abandoned trains without any fears.  So if you are looking for a special place for a date, you can take your crush to the train graveyard in Łodź. Do you not believe us? So check our photos and maybe you’ll change your mind.

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