Abandoned Amusement Park In Poland – Small Churches And The Giant Pope John Paul II

Abandoned Church - The Good Idea For Urbex In Poland

We saw a lot of abandoned places in Poland and abroad. We took amazing photos in industrial objects like EC-2 Power Plant or another one in Kelenföld. Furthermore, we captured brilliant railway objects like Red Star Train Graveyard and Kraków Płaszów station. So what should we visit on our next urbex trip? Maybe some sacred object? Or maybe plenty of sacred objects? That’s great idea! So where can I find abandoned churches near me? Doing our research, we found a special place. Abandoned amusement park with small churches. Sounds crazy? Definitely yes, but we love weird, outsized buildings. So, we traveled 300 kilometers to see this place. And you know what? It was worth it. It was a nice change from previous trips.


The Giant Pope Looking Like Strongman - How Did We Find The Abandoned Amusement Park?

Everything has stared from the meme. Somebody has published the funny photo of the John Paul II monument. His face didn’t look like him, but reminds us the Polish strongman – Mariusz Pudzianowski. Actually in Poland we can find a lot of sculptors who made their work badly and gave us a lot of fun. But funny monuments in Poland are a separate topic. Let’s return to our pope. Why somebody has erected the biggest pope’s monument all over the world? The owner of the amusement park wanted to pay tribute him, because he saved his drowning son during his holidays in Croatia. Of course, not literally. He pried to John Paul II in that hard moment, and he attributes his credit to a happy ending. Ok, he was grateful, and he built the monument, but why he added a lot of small churches? Let’s check the story of the whole abandoned park.

Złota Góra

The Abandoned Religious Miniatures Park - The History Of Interesting Urbex Object

The park calld Złota Góra (Golden Mountain) was created in 2011, and it was one of 30 miniatures park in Poland. Each one of them is different and presents various objects. How our religious park tried to stand out? Except the small churches visitors could find there autodrome, “laser challengers”, 5D cinema, merry-go-round, rope park and a playground for children full of inflatables and slides, where the largest ballpark in Poland is located. It sounds like a great amusement park. So why it collapsed? Why, 10 years after the opening, we found it abandoned? Most likely by neglect. Probably someone lost heart to this object. There was no promotion of this place, so lack of clients caused lack of money and the owner had to abandon his business.


Collapsing The Amusement Park - The Birth Of The Urbex Object

The story of this park seemed to be so sad. Sounds like someone has given up on their dreams. But are we sure? Maybe someone didn’t want to maintain it from the beginning. It’s time to check the background of the park history. The facility was built inside an old quarry. During its construction, no one confessed what was to be built there. No advertisement, no marketing. It seemed to be strange. The construction was financed by EU funds, so a special commission had to approve the plans. What did they contain? Among others, Christian temples, including Orthodox ones, and places of worship of other religions. In the end, only miniatures of Catholic churches were placed there. The owner promised also the restaurant and the road adapted for the disabled. Instead of a restaurant, a small wooden shack was built, in which there was practically nothing. There were also no facilities for disabled. 


Are The Abandoned Churches For Sale? - The State Of The Park As Of Today

The facility began to deteriorate gradually. The fence collapsed and no one wanted to repair that. The small churches became more and more destroyed. Finally, the amusement park has been closed forever. Today the object is abandoned and probably for sale. You can meet there the old woman – security guard, who will let you in for a small charge. The object is easy to conquer, and you find there nice miniatures of: Cathedral of St. James in Santiago De Compostela, St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, House of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus, Catacombs with artificial human bones and skulls, The Gate of Dawn in Vilnius, and don’t forget about the giant monument of pope. It’s a pretty nice place for taking a lot of urbex photos. We took plenty of them there, and we hope you’ll enjoy them!

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