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Urban exploration is our passion. We have visited over a hundred abandoned places, and we are still traveling. We have created this blog to share with you our adventures and experience. We would like to show you objects from abandoned houses, mansions, warehouses, factories, and many others.

We follow the rule “take only pictures, leave only footprints”. We are searching for places to explore and make the most amazing photos there. But we never destroy the mood of this astonishing spaces. If you would like to experience our adventures with us, follow our blog and enjoy it!

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The Abandoned cooling tower in Poland

Inside a Cooling Tower in The City Center – An Abandoned Power Plant in The City of Łódź

Check the abandoned power plant gallery EC-2 Power Plant - One of The Most Spectacular Abandoned Building In Łódź Do you remember The Simpsons and Homer's workplace? Yes, that amazing

abandoned house in poland

China House in the Center Of Poland – A Strange Abandoned Building Near Warsaw

Check the abandoned china house photos there Abandoned Chinese House - How Did We Get There? Places north of Warsaw are magical. You can find there brilliant Modlin Fortress with

Urbex Water Mill

An Old Watermill In A Beautiful Landscape – Abandoned Water Mill in Strugienice

Check the Abandoned Water Mill gallery here A Water Mill Surrounded By A Polish Folklore Every fan of Polish folklore should know Łowicz - a small town in the middle

abandoned straberry urbex

Unusual Urbex – Abandoned Strawberry Next To The Road

Check the Abandoned Strawberry gallery  here This Urbex Trip Was Unexpected Have you ever visited something by mistake? We find spontaneous urbex trips may be more interesting and exciting than

ababndoned tenement house

A creepy building or a piece of art? – Abandoned building in the center of Warsaw

Check the abandoned tenement photos here Abandoned Building in The City Center Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. Here, between high skyscrapers, you can find an old, devastated tenement. Many

chmneys in an abandoned building

Rusty Device in A Boiler Room – An Abandoned Building Near Warsaw

Check the photos from Abandoned Boiler Room here Urban Exploration Trip to Abandoned Boiler Room It was a perfect day for urban exploration. Sunny Saturday morning, we decided to visit

Granary od Modlin Fortress

An Old Granary Near Warsaw – Urban Exploration in Modlin

Check the photos from Modlin Granary here Urbex near Warsaw - The Modlin Fortress If you go on a trip to Warsaw and want to take a break from the

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