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Urban exploration is our passion. We have visited over a hundred abandoned places, and we are still traveling. We have created this blog to share with you our adventures and experience. We would like to show you objects from abandoned houses, mansions, warehouses, factories, and many others.

We follow the rule “take only pictures, leave only footprints”. We are searching for places to explore and make the most amazing photos there. But we never destroy the mood of this astonishing spaces. If you would like to experience our adventures with us, follow our blog and enjoy it!

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addams family

Did Wednesday Addams Live In This House? – Abandoned Mansion In Hungary

Check The photos of Addams Family House Addams Family House In Hungary - The Abandoned Mansion In The Middle Of Nowhere As you know, we travel around Europe to find

ghost house escape games

An Abandoned Mansion For Sale – The Abandoned Buildings Near Warsaw

Check The photos of Abandoned Meyers Mansion An Abandoned Mansion In A Forest - A Picturesque Landscape For Shooting Urbex near me is always a good idea to spend the

who invented the spinning mill

Abandoned Empire Of Cotton Queen – Urbex In European Factory

Check The photos of Abandoned Empire Of Cotton Queen Urbex in Łódź - The Most Exciting Urbex Trip As an old Chinese proverb says - never enough urbex in Łódź.

lawrence indiana abandoned church

Abandoned Wooden Church In The Small Village – Mariavite Chapel Worth To See

Check The photos of Abandoned Wooden Church Abandoned Church Near Me - A Good Idea For The Weekend Trip Finding the idea for the urbex trip is sometimes difficult. The

forgotten abandoned trucks

A Haunted Mansion In Neo-Baroque Style – Urbex Trip To Bratislava

Check The photos of haunted mansion in Bratislava Urbex In Europe - Abandoned Places Worth Seeing Last summer we had an exciting Eurotrip, where we had various experiences. We trembled

urban exploration rochester ny

A Textile Scheibler’s Empire – The Old Power Plant in Łódź

Check the Scheibler's Power Plant Photos Urbex in Łódź - Why Is It Worth Visiting Yes, this is another post about urbex in Łódź, we know. But we love this

music video with wolf running through forest abandoned pool house trance

Unicorn Of The Swimming Pools – The Old Swimming Pool Of YMCA

The Old Swimming Pool Of YMCA Łódź - The Most Interesting Polish City For The Urbex Trips We travel all over the world to visit various urbex locations, but if

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