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Urban exploration is our passion. We have visited over a hundred abandoned places, and we are still traveling. We have created this blog to share with you our adventures and experience. We would like to show you objects from abandoned houses, mansions, warehouses, factories, and many others.

We follow the rule “take only pictures, leave only footprints”. We are searching for places to explore and make the most amazing photos there. But we never destroy the mood of this astonishing spaces. If you would like to experience our adventures with us, follow our blog and enjoy it!

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Exploration journey

Discovering Consonno: Urbex Adventure in Italy’s Abandoned City

Check the abandoned ghost town Consonno gallery Exploring Consonno's Abandoned City - What Makes It a Unique Urbex Destination? Our recent urbex trip to Italy was nothing short of exhilarating.

Urbex discovery

Discovering Zabrze’s Industrial Past: An Urbex Journey into the Abandoned Power Plant

Check the abandoned Zabrze Power Plant photos What Secrets Lie Within the Abandoned Power Plant in Zabrze? - Unveiling the Mystery of Urban Decay Hidden within the heart of Zabrze,

Decaying treasures

Exploring the Echoes of History: An Urbex Adventure into the Abandoned Poli Mansion

Check the Old Abandoned Poli Mansion photos What Secrets Does the Poli Mansion Hold? - Unveiling the Mystery Behind Busseto's Abandoned Gem Our trip to Italy was an exhilarating journey,

Capture the Spirit: Urbex Renaissance Experience

An Abandoned Palace For Sale- The Urbex Trip To Lower Silesia

Check the old abandoned palace for sale photos Hidden Gems Of Silesia - What Is Worth To See During The Urbex Trip? If you're an urbex enthusiast, Silesia is a

Haunting Dwor Expedition

The Mysterious Trip To The Abandoned Mansion In Poland – The Amazing Exploration With The Colorful Tiled Stove

Check the old abandoned school in a historic mansion photos Abandoned Mansion in Poland - How Did We Find The Hidden Gem? In the heart of Poland lies an abandoned

Urbex Revelations in Cinematic Abandonment Odyssey

Exploring the Forgotten Past: An Urbex Adventure in Hungary’s Abandoned Red Cinema

Check the abandoned red cinema photos What Secrets Does Hungary's Abandoned Red Cinema Hold? Embarking on an urbex odyssey through Hungary, our exploration of the forsaken Red Cinema unfolded as

Abandoned industrial complex

Exploring the Beauty of Abandoned Industrial Relics – A Journey into Urban Exploration

Check the abandoned Stella factory photos Rediscovering the Forgotten Past - Can Forgotten Ruins of Stella Hold Hidden Treasure? Once a thriving factory that employed nearly 1600 people, today it

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