Rusty Train In The Middle Of The City – Abandoned Trains In Krakow

Where To Find Abandoned Trains - Old Trains In Poland

We are urbex-lovers, and probably there are train-lovers among us. Train-lovers are looking for old trains and their graveyards. It’s a quite interesting part of the urbex world. Most of you know Red Star Train Graveyard in Budapest with a spectacular  MÁV-424. But today we are going to show you something less known. Although this place is not visited by numerous urbex groups from all over the world, it’s worth seeing. So sit back and let us tell you the story of our urbex trip to the abandoned trains in Krakow.

old locomotives in Krakow

Forgotten Train Station - How Did We Get There?

We travelled to the southern part of Poland to visit the former capital city – Krakow. Of course, we were not interested in a casual tourist attraction. We found some urbex locations, and we choose an abandoned train graveyard for a first trip. The entrance to this place was quite easy. You have to go near an old bakery, next go through the bushes and that’s all! Ok, not completely all. The train graveyard in on the premises of a working station. Luckily nobody noticed us when we took the photos there, but be careful visiting this place, especially if you are there on working days. Despite this, we can recommend this object even for the urbex beginners. If you are careful enough, you can see the amazing, rusty trains.

an abandoned train graveyard in Krakow

Why Trains In Kraków Are Abandoned? - History Of Train Graveyard

Technical facilities were built in 1884, so when Poland was under partitions. There was erected two halls of which only one exists to this day, and they were used as a repair station. At that time Poland was under partitions, so the station was owned by the Austrian CLB railway – Carl Ludwig Bahn. After Poland regained independence, the station was expanded. There train depots, car washes, water tower and foundries were built. In 1927 the station was completed, but in fact, it was still developing. After WWII the railway junction was expanded, and the worker’s houses were built. Unfortunately, a terrible thing also happened.
The communist authorities removed the beautiful station building and replaced it with an awful concrete block. They may have good intention to remove the remains of the partition, but they destroyed the landscape dramatically. Nowadays some buildings are in use, some of them abandoned. Ok, but why the trains in the graveyard are abandoned? It’s hard to say. There are a lot of rusty locomotives there, but nobody admits to them.

a graveyard of old trains in Poland

What Can I find On The Train Graveyard? - Pictures Of Old Trains

On the train graveyard in Kraków, we found plenty of interesting objects. Just look at our photos. Do you recognize an American locomotive? Yeah, but it’s a Polish product. TY 51 was the heaviest locomotive in Poland, and of course, it was modelled on American locomotives. Near, you can find TK W2 which was produced in Prussia. In Poland, there are only two models of TK W2. One of them is located in Płaszów, and the second one can be found in an Open-Air Railway Museum in Chabówka. On this graveyard, we saw a lot of passenger trains. Rusty and decayed passenger trains. We took a lot of interesting urbex photos there. Check them below!

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