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Urbex lovers Hungary

One couple, one camera and one 20-year-old car.

We are passionate about history and photography. Everything has started with exploring the history of Warsaw, its fate during the partitions, WW II, and the Warsaw Uprising. Being fascinated by this history and mysteries, we began our adventure with abandoned places exploration. Now we are visiting interesting, abandoned objects which are sometimes hard to reach.

We extend our trips by abandoned factories, mines, power plants, shelters, palaces, public buildings. We like to imagine these good old times when those places were bustling with life. Now they are destroyed, but they are also stunning.

With us, you can learn about the history of these places and get to know how to find abandoned places all over the world.
Join us in our amazing journey and remember – take only pictures, leave only footprints!

Train lovers Poland


It's a very important part of urban exploration. Pictures help us to return to amazing abandoned places, which we have visited.‚Äč


We travel around the world to find interesting objects. Abandoned places in Budapest, Warsaw, and Prague are only the beginning of our journey.


Have you ever wonder how to find abandoned places? It's very hard, but it's not impossible. Accurate research is necessary before each trip.

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