Decaying Building Before Demolition – Abandoned Strongbox Factory In Poland

Urban Exploration In The Middle Of The City - The Abandoned Building Hard To Conquer

Have you had several attempts to an exploration of an abandoned building and only one was successful? We can say it about the abandoned factory of strongboxes. There is a lot of interesting locations on our abandoned places map, but there was something special in the decaying factory. We visited this place many times and tried to get inside. We saw the entrance to the building, but we had a problem with entering the property. Too high a wall stopped us, and we had no idea what to do.

Abandoned Strongbox Factory In Poland

Abandoned Building Demolition - The Best Motivation To Get Inside To The Decaying Factory

Outside the wall was just over a meter, and it was easy to climb. On the side of the property, the wall was two meters from the top to the ground. Jumping down was too scary for us. So we returned there again and again with the hope that the new entrance appeared. We had even an idea to take the ladder. Everything had changed when we heard about the plans for the building demolition. We realized that this was our last chance to get the factory. We were so motivated that even jumping from the wall wasn’t so scary. We succeed! We conquered the abandoned strongbox factory!

Abandoned Strongbox Factory In warsaw

A Short But Effective Urbex Trip - Inside The Abandoned Brick Building

The most exciting part of urbex trip is the first impression when you get inside. That thrill when you stand on the corner is always the best feeling. So what did we find inside the building? A lot of bricks and wood, that’s all. Anyway, we weren’t disappointed. We expected that the building is empty, and there is no industrial stuff. Maybe it was not as spectacular as Adria or Kelenföld, but it has its own charm. When you explore abandoned places, you have to appreciate small empty objects as well. We spent half an hour there, but we took interesting urbex photos there. Now you are probably wondering how did we get outside the wall? It was a piece of cake. Exploring a lot of places we learned that going outside is easier than getting inside. We built the construction using the single bricks which were laying next to the building. It made our climbing much easier.

urbex poland

The Family Business From The 19th Century - The History Of Abandoned Strongboxes Factory

Ok, you know our trip story, but probably you would like to learn more about the strongbox factory. The building is so old, and it was erected probably in 1887. The first owner was Gustaw Pulst, and he conducted there mechanical products department. A lot of stuff was produced there: machines for the tobacco and tobacco industry, wood, paper and food industries, equipment (furnaces) for bakeries, grain dryers. The factory had been there until World War I. Next, Stanisław Zwierzchowski took over this place and created here The Family Business _ The Strongbox Factory called “Stanisław Zwierzchowski And Sons”. The business was doing well, and the factory existed for many years. The building has been abandoned since 2000, and it’s decaying dramatically. But we would like to end this article with a good new. At the beginning of 2021, the demolition permit has expired, so there is a chance to save this object!

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