An Abandoned Building Full Of Glass – The Unfinished Hospital In Europe

Exploration in South-Eastern Europe - Was The Urbex In Balkans A Good Idea?

The Balkans have long been known for their stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. However, for a certain breed of adventurer, it is the region’s abandoned buildings that hold the greatest allure. Last summer, we chose this destination to visit stunning abandoned buildings like the Spitzer Mansion, Olympic facilities in Sarajevo, and the Petrova Gora monument. Unfortunately, the last one was unreachable for us, as we couldn’t get there by public transport. On the day we planned to visit this flagship object, we needed to find a totally different location. We chose an abandoned university hospital, which was also covered in glass and gave us amazing emotions anyway.

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An Abandoned Hospital In Zagreb - The Great Plans That Were Never Realized

The history of this place started in 1982 in Yugoslavia. The hospital complex in Zagreb has had a tumultuous history, with numerous plans proposed but ultimately abandoned. Originally intended to be a hospital, the site has also been considered for a technology park and a spa complex, but none of these plans have ever come to fruition. Today, the unfinished hospital still stands at the entrance to the city, waiting for a final decision. One possibility for the future of the complex is to turn it into a hospice. Under her plan, the complex would be completed in two phases, with the first phase focusing on a space for rehabilitation and education of children and youth with disabilities, as well as a space for a special hospital for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. In the second phase, a hospice would be opened.

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The Sad Ending Of The Hospital - Why Was The Building Finally Abandoned?

Even though there were plenty of ideas, the building was ultimately left abandoned. So why did this happen? Firstly, financial issues played a major role. The construction of the concrete and glass structure was very expensive, and the founders were unable to come up with the necessary funds. As a result, the hospital was only completed to about 50% of its intended size. Additionally, the political situation had a significant impact on the project. In 1991, Croatia declared independence, leading to the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the beginning of the Balkan’s conflict from 1992-1995. With the war raging on, there was simply no chance to finish the building. Today, the hospital remains abandoned, and no one has stepped forward to renovate it and create something useful in its place.

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Visiting The Abandoned Hospital In Zagreb - Was The Exploration Safe?

Ok, be honest – the question about the urbex trip safety is rhetorical. When you decide to explore the decaying buildings, there is always the risk that something dangerous may happen. At the beginning, the concrete building seemed to be stable, and the worst anticipated issue was stepping on the broken glass. The exact problems started when we decided to go upstairs. The only way leading up, was an outside staircase, or rather the plastic, riddled scaffold. Climbing there was really risky, especially for someone with the fear of heights. So we got to the second, then the third floor… And then we found something unexpected, but really useful. The regular staircase, which should be present in each single building. Of course, it didn’t appear suddenly. Why didn’t we notice it before? Well… Good question! The conclusion from this story is simple – always carefully check the entire building, before you risk your life.

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The Pearl Of Balkan Urbex - The Photos From The Abandoned Hospital

Even though we had an exhausting journey through Zagreb in the 30 degrees heat, and we barely survived climbing on the scaffold, it was worth! The building is huge, and the broken glass shimmering in the sun creates the amazing mood of this place. We shot brilliant urbex photos, and as usual, we want to share them with you. We hope you will enjoy it!

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