An Abandoned Tivoli Park in Cyprus – A Fascinating Destination for Urbex Enthusiasts

Urbex Trip to Larnaca - What Is Worth To See in Cyprus?

When we traveled to Cyprus for our first urbex adventure so far away from home, we were excited to explore the hidden and abandoned structures scattered throughout the island. However, as we arrived in Larnaca and began to search for urbex spots, we were initially disappointed to find that the city and its surrounding areas lacked many of the abandoned buildings and ghost towns that we had hoped to discover. Despite this setback, we were determined to make the most of our trip and set out to explore the lesser-known areas of the island. With some research and guidance from locals, we were able to uncover some hidden gems,but it required to move to Nicosia – the capital city of Cyprus.


Exploring Nicosia - How To Get To The Abandoned Amusement Park Tivoli

Getting up early in the morning is never easy, unless you have a great goal that motivates you. We knew that our only chance to explore the abandoned Tivoli Park was to catch the early morning bus from Larnaca to Nicosia. As we boarded the bus, we settled in for a one-hour ride, admiring the breathtaking landscapes of Cyprus. As we come from Eastern Europe, these views were unusual and mesmerizing to us. Once we arrived in Nicosia, we decided to do some sightseeing and explore the city’s vibrant culture. After a few hours of exploring, we began our search for the hidden urbex gem – the abandoned Tivoli Park. We knew it wouldn’t be an easy find, but we were determined to uncover the secrets of this forgotten place.

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Amazing Views at Tivoli Park - Why is Nicosia Worth Visiting?

As we walked for what seemed like hours, our excitement grew as we realized we were getting closer to our destination. And then we saw it – the rusted gates of the Tivoli Park, hidden behind a dense wall of trees and shrubs. Stepping inside the abandoned amusement park was like stepping back in time. We were transported to a different era, a world of forgotten dreams and lost memories. The rusted rides, peeling paint, and overgrown greenery created a hauntingly beautiful landscape that we will never forget. Our journey to the abandoned Tivoli Park was an adventure we will always cherish, reminding us that sometimes the best experiences come from stepping outside our comfort zone and exploring the unknown.

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The History Of The Tivoli Park In Nicosia - Why Is This Place Abandoned?

On December 20, 2012, Tivoli Luna Park closed its doors for the last time. This historical landmark had provided lots of fun and entertainment for 45 years, and held high sentimental value for the residents of Nicosia as the only luna park in the city. Tivoli was the pioneer of go-karts on the island when it first opened in 1967, and featured a range of exciting attractions such as carousels, roller coasters, amusement rides, and arcades. In November 2012, the park was even used as a setting for a theatrical play.Despite the park’s closure due to financial difficulties, residents are calling on the government to reconsider their decision and view Tivoli as a future investment opportunity not only for Nicosia, but for all of Cyprus. 


Urbex Photos From Cyprus - Amazing Shots Captured In Nicosia

As we left Tivoli Luna Park, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia for the fun and joy it had brought to generations of visitors. Despite its current state of abandonment, the park’s charm and history were still evident and we were grateful to have had the opportunity to experience it firsthand.We spent several hours exploring the different areas of the park, taking numerous urbex photos and even recording our very first movie. The carousel was an outstanding part of this object. Overall, our trip to Tivoli Luna Park in Nicosia was truly unforgettable, and we would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in urbex, history, or just having a good time. We hope that you enjoy the photos and videos we captured during our visit, and perhaps even feel inspired to plan your own trip to this hidden gem of Cyprus.

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