Óbuda Gas Works – An Urbex Object From A Fairy Tale

Abandoned Gas Works in Budapest -The Urbex Object Hard To Conquer

We were in Budapest three times and on each of our visit, we tried to get to this abandoned gasworks. We dreamt about visiting this place, because it differs from the other. For example, gas works in Warsaw, resembles the Colosseum and is a massive, industrial brick building. The Budapest’s one is colorful and has a funny shape. When we saw it, we thought about Mario Bros house or something else from Nintendo. We tried to get there twice, but unsuccessfully. The building is protected by security guards, and there is an alarm. That explains why this object is well-preserved. Of course, we tried to talk with security, promising them that we would like to take only photos. They were stubborn, and it’s fine, because they did their job. The communication was also complicated, because they don’t know English. However, we learned something important in Hungarian – the term which use all security guard in Hungary – “nem lehet”.

gas works park

Urbex Guided Trip - The Only Way To Get To Óbuda Gas Works

We were not going to give up. On internet there are available some photos done inside, so We knew that the entrance is possible. Modern problems need modern solutions. Asking on the Facebook group was a brilliant idea. Other urbex group, who had guider tour there provided us with phone number. Without knowing who it is, we send the text message and waited for a reply. We weren’t sure what he would reply, or whether he would reply at all. Maybe as each Hungarian security guide, he would answer “nem lehet”? But we were pleasantly surprised. He called us back, and offered us the permitted trip at 6 pm. We agreed, but it seems to be too beautiful. Yeah… At the end of the call, he informed us about the price, and we were extremely shocked. Several days before, we were in Vienna, and the ticket to Belvedere for two people were 10 times cheaper than the visit to Óbuda Gas Works. So we agreed, because urbex is our passion.

philadelphia gas works

The Most Beautiful Gas Works In Hungary - What Is The Story Of This Abandoned Building?

The guy who enabled us to enter the gasworks is a certified Hungarian guide. He has an amazing knowledge about the Óbuda Gas Works, and now we’ll try to tell  you everything what we learned. Ok, so everyone knows that there was a gas factory, but does anyone knows what the gas was made of? This gas was manufactured from coal. What is the most interesting thing, there was used the coal imported from England, then from the Ruhr and Saarland. The Hungarian one was also used there. They have a smaller gas works, where they produced the gas from Hungarian coal, and that gas was used as a fuel for the big gas works. Actually, it was a gas-works-ception :). Everything started to work in 1913, just before WWI. Its product was so necessary in modern (for those times) Hungary. For example, the streets were lighted by gas lamps.

control room dial lock

A Lot Of Gas Produced - What Was The Efficiency Of The Gas Works In Budapest?

At the beginning of its operation, the gas plant produced 250,000 cubic meters of gas. Day by day the gas works was being developed dynamically and at its peak period it obtained even 1 million cubic meters of the product. Of course, the gas plant was not self-sufficient, and infrastructure was also needed. There were 11 kilometers of railway tracks in its territory, which were directly connected to the Buda railway and the Esztergom railway line. Each day, 80 coal wagons passed through the railway lines. The raw material for gas production was imported mainly from Germany, and it was stored in a detached coal warehouse. The production process started from here and went through the cleaning process with the removal of pollutants (tar, ammonia, benzene, naphthalene, sulphan) towards the 100,000 cubic meters gas tanks at the opposite end of the site. After the measurement, the purified gas was collected in 2 gas tanks with a capacity of 100,000 m3 each. Next, pure gas was transported by pipeline mounted in the bridge, from Buda to Pest.

urbex perspective photo circle

Powering The Óbuda Gas Works in Budapest - How Much Energy Is Needed To Run The Gas Plant?

Of course, for running such a huge gas works, there was a lot of electrical energy needed. You may wonder if the local power plant was able to produce a sufficient amount of energy for the whole city and the plant. The answer is no. Even Kelenföld Power Plant couldn’t achieve it. That’s why the gas works needed to have its own source of energy. They purchased the electrical materials from Electric Works. In tcase of a power outage, they had an 800-horsepower Sulzer-powered generator powered by a 4-cylinder diesel engine was also available, producing 110 volts of DC at 800 hp (560 kW) per minute. This engine and the control room are still the part of The Óbuda Gas Works property. We were impressed when we saw it at the first time.

old disel engine

The Óbuda Gas Works in Budapest - The Amazing Trip With Brilliant Urbex Photos

Undoubtedly, it has been our the most expensive urbex trip. Anyway, it has been our most spectacular urbex trip. If you are going to visit this amazing object, please remember that this is not able to conquer in illegal way. The gas works is well-protected and probably that’s why it’s in a very good condition. But always you can ask the proper person, and he will let you get in an take the photos there. Trust us, it’s really worth to visit this place. We were there at evening, and we took a pictures of Budapest seen from the gas-tower. You will also love the beautiful spaces in the building that looks from a fairy tale. And of course, the huge engine with the control room are highlight for the industrial-lovers. If you are not convenient enough to this place, just check our urbex photos below, and certainly you will change your mind. 

gas works
empire control room
abandoned clock tower
control room
Abandoned Óbuda Gas Works in Budapest
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filling in for clifford banes, who is fighting his nemesis on top of an abandoned clock tower
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coat of arms
Gázgyár utca gate
chernobyl control room
philadelphia gas works
Gázgyár utca
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obuda gas works gate
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nasa control room
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tilos a bemenet
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light at the end of the tunnel
brick tower urbex photo
castle spiral staircase
industrial budapest
abandoned clock tower pennsylvania
gas works park
abandoned tower in the middle of the forest
nameplate in an abandoned gas works in Budapest
biggest disel engine tou can put in a pickup truck
rusty gears
control room locker code
Abandoned Óbuda Gas Works in Budapest
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mario factory tower
spiral staircase
panorama of budapest
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