Abandoned Wooden Church In The Small Village – Mariavite Chapel Worth To See

Abandoned Church Near Me - A Good Idea For The Weekend Trip

Finding the idea for the urbex trip is sometimes difficult. The more amazing objects you saw, the harder it was to find something satisfying. But the best trips are unexpected. We traveled hundreds of kilometers to see a lot of small abandoned churches, but we didn’t aware that we have beautiful normal size wooden church nearby. We found it by a nice accident traveling to another place. When we noticed a scary abandoned church hidden in the bushes, we had to stop and take photos. The building was so gloomy. We don’t know why, but it resembled us, The Addams Family House. We shivered entering inside, and something made us scary. What was that? Maybe ghosts from the church’s past? Let’s check the history of this amazing object!

abandoned church

Mariavite Church In Poland - The History Of The Abandoned Chapel

The building was founded at the beginning of 20th century by two hosts who escaped from the tsarist army, and the chapel was to be a thank you to Mary for saving. Maybe their ghosts tried to scare us? Or maybe it was ghosts of late village inhabitants? The cottage, where the chapel is located, is very old, and the first mentions of it come from the 16th century. Then roughly 180 people lived there.  In 1613 the number of inhabitants decreased to 120. The most devastating here was the Swedish Deluge, after which only 5 houses survived. As you can see, there are many dark stories here, but a society that has almost died out has started to rebuild itself over time. In the 30s  a quarter of the villagers were mariavites.

abandoned church near me

Mariavitism - Interesting Faith Blamed By Pope

We also need to remember that we were in not catholic, but mariavite church. It’s relatively rare in Poland, what is surprising. You may ask – why? Because among the Christian denominations in Poland, Mariavitism is the only one of purely Polish origin. Everything started in the 19th century in the territory of the Russian partition. The tsarist administration limited the functioning of the Catholic Church, associated with the cultivation of Polishness.The monks had to go into hiding and began to meet at secret gatherings. They also believed in the revelation of the Work of Great Mercy by the Polish nun Maria Franciszka Kozłowska. Yeah, but the religion name doesn’t come from her name, but from latin words “Mariae vitam’, which means following Mary’s life. Unfortunately, some monks lived in the opposite way, so the faith was blamed by the Pope in 1906.

detroit abandoned church

The Sins Of The Mariavites - What the Monks Did?

Monks, like all the people are just… people. Everyone has their own weaknesses and faults, and no one is perfect of course. But someone’s weakness may be an opportunity for anyone. An opportunity to discredit someone. So if anyone wanted to ridicule Mariavitism, he was simply taking advantage of their human imperfections. There have been many complaints that the monks are exceeding the moral norms. They drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes, and gambled. What was surprising, the bishops got used to monks’ lifestyles, and they didn’t punish them. This state of affairs was caused by an inadequate education system in seminaries and low requirements for candidates. Their behavior did not change until 1906, when pedagogy and sociology were introduced to the seminars. As you see, the proper education was sufficient and blaming was not the solution. Maybe now the monks’ spirits try to revenge, and they scary us in this abandoned church?

gary indiana abandoned church

The Polish Ghost Church - It is Worth To Visit The Abandoned Chapel?

You learned the history of the chapel and Mariavitism itself. We hope you got curious and want to know more. But we still didn’t answer the question – is this abandoned church haunted? As we mentioned  at the beginning, we didn’t meet there any ghosts there. Anyway, the mood was totally scary, and something worried us. We’ve never had this feeling before, so it’s possible that spirits of the past are still living here. Of course, we did not see the ghosts in their own form, as in the church in Lukova, but we felt that they were there. Such a strange and magical place. It’s definitely worth to be visited. So when you have some time for a trip to eastern part Poland, go to the abandoned chapel. And if you are still not convinced to this location, check our urbex photos below. And what do you think about this place? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment!

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