Discovering Consonno: Urbex Adventure in Italy’s Abandoned City

Exploring Consonno's Abandoned City - What Makes It a Unique Urbex Destination?

Our recent urbex trip to Italy was nothing short of exhilarating. Amidst the scenic beauty of Lake Como, renowned for its casual gems like Bellagio and Varenna, we discovered the hidden treasure of Consonno. This abandoned city, with its eerie charm and fascinating history, provided a stark contrast to the usual picturesque towns dotting the lake’s shores.
As we ventured into Consonno, the thrill of urban exploration took over. The silence was almost palpable, broken only by the rustling of leaves and our own footsteps. Once envisioned as a bustling Las Vegas-style resort by entrepreneur Mario Bagno, Consonno now stands as a ghost town, its dreams and ambitions left to decay. The remnants of city toys, including a small train and quirky sculptures, hinted at its ambitious past. Each crumbling structure told a story of a vibrant dream turned to dust, offering a unique glimpse into the transient nature of human endeavors. The blend of history and abandonment evoked a deep sense of melancholy and awe. Capturing the haunting beauty of Consonno through our lenses was an unforgettable experience. This hidden gem of Lake Como reminded us that beauty often lies in the unexpected, making our urbex adventure truly one-of-a-kind.

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Consonno City Toys - What Hidden Gems Did We Find?

During our urbex in Italy, exploring Consonno was a different but equally thrilling experience compared to our visit to Villa Poli. While Villa Poli offered a glimpse into aristocratic decay, Consonno presented an eclectic mix of abandoned dreams and surreal remnants, particularly the city toys that once promised amusement and joy. One of the most striking features was the graffiti adorning the walls of the abandoned structures. Each piece of street art added a burst of color and life to the decaying town, transforming the eerie silence into a vibrant canvas of urban expression. The creativity of modern artists contrasted poignantly with the town’s dereliction, making every corner a hidden gem. The minaret, a unique feature for an Italian ghost town, stood tall amidst the ruins, offering stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Climbing its steps, we were rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the serene Lake Como area, a stark reminder of Consonno’s ambitious past and the beauty of nature reclaiming its space. Unlike Villa Poli, Consonno’s charm lay in its chaotic mix of structures and the unexpected delights we discovered at every turn. The adventure through this urban jungle of forgotten toys and dreams was an unforgettable chapter in our urbex journey through Italy.

Deserted streets

History of Consonno - How Did This Italian Town Become a Ghost City?

Consonno, once a vibrant vision of Italian entrepreneur Mario Bagno, now stands as a haunting reminder of unfulfilled dreams and the relentless passage of time. Located near Lake Como, Consonno was intended to become a bustling Las Vegas-style resort town in the 1960s. Bagno’s ambitious project transformed the medieval village into a surreal playground, complete with extravagant buildings, a minaret, and an array of whimsical city toys. However, Consonno’s dream was short-lived. In 1976, a devastating landslide cut off the main access road, isolating the town and halting its development. This natural disaster marked the beginning of the end for Consonno, as efforts to revive it proved futile. The town’s fate echoed that of other abandoned amusement parks like Tivoli Park in Cyprus and small churches in Poland, where grand visions succumbed to abandonment.Today, Consonno’s decaying structures and eerie silence tell the story of its rise and fall. The once lively streets and vibrant attractions are now overgrown with vegetation, adding to its ghostly ambiance. Despite its abandonment, Consonno remains a fascinating destination for urban explorers, offering a unique glimpse into a past filled with grandeur and unrealized potential. The town’s history serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of human endeavors and the enduring power of nature.

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Urbex Photography in Consonno - What Stunning Ruins Did We Capture?

Our urbex photography adventure in Consonno was an unforgettable journey through a landscape frozen in time. We captured a wealth of stunning ruins, each telling a unique part of this abandoned Italian town’s story. The minaret, towering above the decaying buildings, was a highlight of our exploration. Climbing its steps rewarded us with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the serene expanse of Lake Como, a juxtaposition of natural beauty against urban decay. Graffiti art brought vibrant splashes of color to Consonno’s crumbling walls. These contemporary masterpieces contrasted sharply with the town’s dilapidated state, creating a dynamic canvas that added a modern twist to our photographs. Each piece of graffiti told its own story, breathing life into the silent ruins. Industrial constructions, remnants of Consonno’s ambitious past, provided a haunting backdrop for our shots. These structures, overtaken by nature, stood as silent witnesses to the town’s rise and fall, their rusted frames adding an element of mystery and historical depth to our images. Through our lenses, we captured the essence of Consonno: the minaret, the graffiti, the beautiful mountain views, and the remnants of industrial dreams. Each photo and the short movie below offer a glimpse into the hidden beauty of this ghost town. Enjoy the visual journey through our urbex photography in Consonno.

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