An Abandoned Shelter In Poland – Memorabilia After The Cold War

The Cold War - The Battle Between Communism And Capitalism

After the cruel WW2, a lot of people promised – “never war again”. Luckily there hasn’t been another world war so far. But are you sure? There was no major armed conflict, but the USA fought with USSR anyway. Between 1947 and 1991 those countries were fighting in various fields. We had the arms race, the space race and the economic race. They were like two children who compete with each other in everything.  It sounds funny, but these races were dangerous, especially the arms race. The rules were simple – the first one with the nuclear weapon is a winner. The whole world was preparing for a nuclear war. Actually, it was hard to prepare for it. During the nuclear attack, you can only hide with the hope that you will survive. That’s why in Eastern Europe, people built a lot of nuclear shelters. Today, we would like to show you one of them – the shelter located in the very heart of Warsaw.


The Fallout Shelters - The Interesting Points On Urbex Map

The bunkers were designed to protect against the direct and indirect effects of bombs. The direct effects are obvious and we don’t have to mention them. Indirect effects of the explosion of bombs are a blast, debris, fires, and collapse of buildings. But how about a nuclear attack? The shelter protecting against the nuclear attacks had a special construction. In the case of an atomic bomb explosion, the most dangerous factors are a blast of a shock wave, thermal and penetrating radiation, and an electromagnetic pulse. That’s why fallout shelters are always located deep underground. Another problem caused by the nuclear attack is radioactive contamination, which persists long after the use of nuclear weapons. Therefore, fallout shelters must have a filtering installation that cleans the air from radioactive fallout. So it seems that you can spend a lot of time in such a shelter, right? The period of stay may even be longer than in the case of quarantine. So each shelter should be equipped with appropriate technical infrastructure and a supply of drinking water, food and medicines. Probably introverts think that this is the perfect place for them. Nothing could be more wrong. The shelters must accommodate a large number of people.

fallout shelter

How the bunker is built? -The Abandoned Fallout Shelter Structure

After visiting many bunkers, we can say that each of them is unique in its way, but all of them have a similar structure. In every one of the bunkers, we found:

  • vestibule
  • filtering chamber
  • decontamination chamber
  • bathroom
  • sshelter chambers

The vestibule was designed to give airtightness and prevents contaminated air from getting inside. It allows you to go outside when the air is contaminated. But don’t forget the protective overalls! Of course, inside the bunker, you need a lot of clean air. For this purpose, the architects designed filtering chambers. Filters have to retain radioactive and poisonous substances. Ok, everything is clear and safe inside, but how about the guy who returned from his radioactive walk? (In the protective overall of course). This guy has to clean himself in the decontamination chamber. There you can find a shower or hose, which is used to wash radioactive dust from people entering the shelter. In addition to functional chambers, there are also chambers where the people can exist and wait for better days.

shelter insurance

Nuclear Shelter Near Me - The Abandoned Bunker Photography

Knowing the history and construction of the shelters, we decided to visit one of them. It was another trip from the “urbex near me” series. We didn’t have to go far, because it turned out that a quite interesting and easy to get shelter was not far from our house. We needed a change. We have seen a lot of industrial places like Kelenföld or EC-2.  We have also interesting palaces on our urbex map, for example, Adria. But that day, we wanted a military facility. We needed to see something that is associated with the post-apocalyptic world. We found the shelter located in the city centre and that was a good choice. We could see with our own eyes the vestibule, filtering chamber, decontamination chamber and they were amazing. We captured them on our urbex photos which you can find below. Enjoy them and stay with us for another trip!

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