Abandoned Stadium In The City Center – Sport Urbex In Warsaw

How To Find Abandoned Places In Poland - The Year Full Of Local Trips

The Olympics are coming, so the sport post must not be missing. Probably you expect the article about abandoned Olympic stadium. It may be nice, but due to current restrictions, we had to type in Google “abandoned places near me”. Hopefully, we will visit some abandoned places abroad this summer, but last year we were in the hundreds of abandoned places in Poland. Yes, we’re not kidding. One weekend, one trip, several objects. It will take some time to show you all of them, so you must be patient 🙂 . Today we are going to present you the abandoned stadium in Warsaw – “RKS Skra”. The place is well known to local residents and the location is not a secret. You can find this place in the very heart of Warsaw – the capital city of Poland. We spent here a lot of time, and we tried to capture each of the following parts: gymnasium, jogging track, and the commentator tower with the amazing view.  Of course, we checked the story of this place, and we would like to share it with you. So sit back and get ready for the another story about our urbex trip.

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What Kind Of Competition Took Place In The Past Here? - The Abandoned Stadium History

Would you guess what the original purpose of this object was? Football stadium? Olympic stadium? Nothing could be more wrong. At the very beginning, there was a speedway stadium. Now you may wonder if the speedway is popular in Poland now? Is answer is: not. So it was popular in 1953, when the stadium was erected? Neither. And that might be the short story of an abandoned object, but someone had more ideas and the stadium had been expanded. Except the speedway, here were added: volleyball and basketball courts, tennis courts, and a training football field. It was one of the biggest, or maybe the biggest sport object in Warsaw. In 1969,the stadium was covered by the tartan surface and that was the first use of tartan  in Poland. It was so important, because it enabled the organization of large athletic events there. There was also the hotel with a canteen, doctor’s office, sauna, gym and wellness room. Actually, that was the all-inclusive package for athletes. For the short period of time, here was located the Sport Museum as well, but it had been moved.

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Why Is This Stadium Abandoned Nowadays? - The Birth Of The Urbex Object

You have read the story of Skra and you think this facility must have been successful. The stadium (and the sports facility as a whole) had a great potential, but it wasn’t realized. Sometimes good things fall apart because people can’t come to an agreement. This was also the case with Skra. A development company wanted to implement its project here, and they wanted to build apartments and offices here. This project aroused much controversy and a petition against it was raised. Interestingly, athletes associated with Skra wanted new buildings to be built there. Unfortunately, even their opinion did not help, and ultimately the project did not come to fruition. A development company tried to extend the right to use the facility, but they lost a court hearing. Finally, Skra was taken over by the Warsaw City Hall, but they didn’t do any renovation. The stadium have been abandoned for many years.

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Our Urbex Trip To The Skra Stadium - Abandoned Stadium Photos

We know this abandoned object very well. We lived nearby for many years and we used to come here for jogging. We decided to return here and take a lot of urbex photos especially for you. How did we get to an abandoned stadium? In the simplest possible way. No security and lot of holes in the fences are the guarantee of success. We didn’t know it was last minute urbex trip. We visited this place one month after our trip and all holes were patched. There was a security guard as well. What happened that after many years the city council decided to secure the facility? We don’t know. Maybe they did it for safety reasons, or maybe they are going to renovate this place. Probably we will get to know more in the following months.

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