An Abandoned Mansion With A Piano – A Landmark In A Polish Urbex Map

The Most Popular Abandoned Place In Poland - The Abandoned Mansion in Bratoszewice

This place is called an abandoned palace or an abandoned mansion. The opinions are divided. So what do we think? In our opinion, only the impressions are valuable, not the name. Maybe it’s not an abandoned chateau – Adria in Budapest, but this place has its charm. How did we get there? As always, we asked ourselves: “where can I find abandoned places near me?”. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we cannot travel too much, and we were searching for abandoned places in our area. We checked our abandoned places map, and we chose the perfect urbex destination.  This time we traveled to the location, also known as Piano Palace. As you might guess, it owes its name to the abandoned piano that we can find there. Who had been the owner before this place became abandoned? Below you will find more details.

Abandoned piano palace in poland

The Abandoned Piano Palace Was Owned By Rzewuski Family - The Heyday Of The Abandoned Mansion

The Rzewuski family came into possession of the estate when Wacław Rzewuski married Stefania Lemańska. That was the wedding gift from Stefania’s family.  After Wacław’s death, the property was inherited by his son – Kazimierz, and he was the founder of this magnificent palace. When we were visiting this palace, we found it must have been hard to be heated in winter. We were totally right. If Rzewuski had been alive, he would have agreed with us. He and his family lived in Sienna Street in Warsaw, near Lejb Osnoz’s Tenement House. The palace was only a summer residence.

piano in abandoned mansion

The Location Of Bratoszewice - Where Is The Abandoned Palace With The Piano?

Bratoszewice is a very old village located in the center of Poland near the city of Łódź. Historians have found the oldest information about it from the 14th century. Interestingly, Bratoszewice was not always a village. Before 1458, the town received city rights, which it lost after the Swedish Deluge, as a result of damage done by invaders from the north. Over the years, it passed from hands to the hands of many noble families. In the nineteenth century, it became the property of Stefania Lemańska, who later married Wacław Rzewuski. She did not know that their son, Kazimierz, would be the last owner of Bratoszewice.

abandoned mansion with piano

The Further Story Of The Abandoned Palace - What Happened After The WWII?

Maybe the war never changes, but the war changes everything. During the WWII German soldiers stole the palace and made there a medical magazine for their army. It was the end of the Rzewuski ownership of both Bratoszewice and the palace. They lost the property that was their livelihood. Some of them went to the USA and some to London. Only Kazimierz, the legal heir to the Bratoszewice estate, stayed in Poland until he died in 1956. Even after the war, the estate did not return to the Rzewuski family. The communist authorities turned it into a state farm, and the palace was used as an agricultural school. In the 90s, a new school building was erected nearby. The palace became abandoned and is constantly decaying.

piano in abandoned villa

Our Urbex Trip To The Abandoned Palace With The Piano - Brilliant Urbex Photos

Despite the closed doors and boarded up windows, we managed to get inside. What we saw there was terrifying. Torn ceilings in practically every room, broken windows, and floors made us upset. We can appreciate the beauty of urbex, but there was too much damage here. Anyway, we tried to find there an abandoned aesthetics.  Among the rubble, we found two beautiful stoves, the emblem of Poland (probably from the school) and the main goal of our trip the abandoned piano under the glass ceiling on the terrace with large windows. It is also terribly destroyed, but still beautiful. The photos we took there make up for it all.

abanodned school in poland
abanodned school with piano
abandoned palace bratoszewice
urbex bratoszewice
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Patio in abandoned palace
lost piano
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documants in abandoned school in poland
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brocken window in abandoned palace
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boilers in abandoned palace
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school documents in abandoned palace
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patio in abandoned mansion
glass roof in abandoned mansion
piano in abandoned palace
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fireplace in an abandoned palace
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gate of an abandoned palace
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abandoned bratoszewice mansion
gate of an abandoned palace
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long way in a park with an abandoned mansion
fire place in decaying abandoned palace
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decaying piano in abandoned palace
suny shining through the window in urbex
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rusty part of abandoned piano
closed window in an abandoned palace
an old piano in an abandoned mansion
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rusty fridge in abandoned palace
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the art of decay in an abandoned palace
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girl is dancing on urbex
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piano keys in an abandoned palace
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kind regards from the security guards on urbex
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