Abandoned Mansion With A Beautiful Stained Glass – The Piece Of Art From 19th Century

Visit In Allart Mansion - A Great Idea For Urbex Weekend

What can we do on Saturday at 5 am? No… Sleep is for the weak. But we’ll give you another chance, ok? Yes! Searching for urbex near me and traveling to an interesting abandoned object. Exactly! We had been thinking about some place since we visited an abandoned cooling tower, and we saw the nearby building. First time, we ignored it. It was small, seemed to be empty, and then our priority then was the abandoned power plant.  We explored the primary object for more than 3 hours, and we were exhausted at the end. So we just looked around the mansion with a high fence, and we decided to finish our visit then. But we promised ourselves to return there, and explore this property. We didn’t aware that we would have to wait two years.

stained glass

Return To The Abandoned Mansion - What Did We Find Inside?

Several months after our visit in the power plant, we saw an amazing urbex photos on some facebook group. Especially, stunning stained glass made us want to go there. But when we saw outside photos, we were so surprised. That was the mansion located near the power plant! We started to regret that we didn’t enter there. In the photo’s description, we also found information that the entrance is currently locked. What did we lose? Besides amazing stained glass there were also patterned wallpaper, cast iron railings, wardrobes from the 19th century. We wished we had been there. Fortunately, two years later, we found information on the urbex forum, that the mansion is open again. We couldn’t miss this opportunity. Next day, at 5 am, we started our trip, and it was worth it! After getting to the property, the entrance was quite easy, and we found everything what we saw on others’ people’s photos. 


Gorgeous Property Of The Entrepreneur - The Abandoned Mansion History

As we mentioned in our several posts – in the 19th century, Łódź was a capital city of Polish industry. The best entrepreneurs from all over the world moved there to conduct their businesses. Especially, the cotton mills prospered very well in Łódź. Of course, each owner wanted to keep an eye on his/her business, and that’s why all the entrepreneurs built their mansions in the closest neighborhood of their factories. The same did the one handsome French man. Leon Allart moved from Northern France to Łódź in 1878, and he bought the property covered mainly by forests. He ordered a villa to be built, the forest to be cleared, and a spinning mill to be erected in its place. The plant was called Leon Allart & Rousseau et Co. Everything there was teeming with life, and the spinning mill allowed Leon to earn a huge amount of money.

staircase parts

The Allart’s Spinning Mill - Does The Factory Exist Nowadays?

Unfortunately, the spinning mill doesn’t work today and the building doesn’t exist now. That’s one of the spinning mills which worked in Łódź those days. The competitors of Allart’s factory were among others Grohman’s cotton mill, and Osser’s plant. But not the competition destroyed the business. The cotton industry was doing well, and several spinning mills could co-exist. The WWII did it. The Germans took over the plant and changed its production profile. The cotton mill was converted to the arm factory under the name of the famous BMW brand. After the war, the Polish government created there again the spinning mill, which was called Polmerino, but they did not restore its former glory. Later, after the 1989 year, the Spanish company Urbanica bought it to demolish the factory and build there the modern residential. From the whole complex, only the mansion is still existing.

abandoned places near me

Who Is The Owner Today? - Is the Abandoned Mansion For Sale?

Let’s return to 1926, when Henryk Goldberg rebuilt the mansion. It was then that the stained glass and cast iron railings were created. He also decorated the facade and the massive balcony with brick vases and balls on posts. The pilasters, stylized as columns with Ionic heads, add there the massiveness and seriousness. This piece of art exists today with the brilliant appearance created in the 20s’. Everything looks amazing, so the building could be used as anything amazing as well. But what are the plans for the object future? Actually, nobody knows. Hopefully it will be renovated soon and all the elements, which make the magical mood of this place, will remain in a good condition.

stained glass windows

Our Urbex Photos From The Trip - We Captured Wonderful Shots From Allart Mansion

Like on each urbex trip, we took a lot of interesting photos there. We spent over two hours in the mansion, and we tried to capture all what it was worth to see. We hope you’ll enjoy our photos. And, of course – don’t forget to follow us to be up-to-date with our posts.  See you on another exploration!

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