Underground Exploration In The Czech Republic – The Abandoned Mine Adit in Brno

Urbex In The Czech Republic - Why Did We Choose The Abandoned Adit?

Czech Republic is a nice place for an urbex trip. Everyone knows for example The Ghost Church in Lukova or Vršovice railway station in Prague. Actually the whole Prague is full of interesting urbex locations. So you may ask us why we chose Brno for our trip? Well, we need to go deeper into this topic. We saw a lot of interesting objects placed on the ground, and it seems to be easy to explore. We wanted to have some underground exploration. That’s why we made a huge research about abandoned buildings underground. Now we have a long list, and the Brno adit is on it first. Of course, this is the first, but not the last underground object. So let’s go on an exciting trip to the Moravian land.

abandoned mine

Our Urbex Trip From The Beginning - What Is A Mine Adit?

Let’s start from the beginning. The adit is a tunnel cut deep into the mountain with a small cross-section. The Czech Republic is a mountainous country and Brno is a city situated on hills. The most known hill, which is actually the landmark of Brno, is the Spilberk. All the tourists who would like to see the casual tourist attraction will go to the top to visit the castle. But if you would like to see something less recognizable, but maybe more interesting, you need to go down the hill. The place is inconspicuous, hidden close to where people live. When you pass the gate, you will see the normal residential. Hardly anyone knows what treasure is hidden in the local bushes. There you can find the abandoned adit also known as Stola Brno.

abandoned mine shaft

The Abandoned Adit In Brno History - Why Stola Brno Was needed?

At the turn of the 1970s and 1980s, the inhabitants of Brno needed a fast tram that would improve public transport. The steep climb on Pekařská street has been a major problem for tram traffic in the past, and has also complicated the traffic situation for cars and trucks. The construction of the tunnel under the Špilberk hill was intended to ease the traffic situation on Pekařská Street. The total length of the proposed route was 650 meters, and the size of the tunnel was to reach 10 meters in width and height. Work began at the end of the 1970s. Unfortunately, the fast tram project was not fully implemented and the adit under Špilberk remained unfinished. It is unclear what exactly the reasons for this decision were, but apparently the planning priorities shifted to other areas during this time and the light rail project has lost relevance.

minecraft abandoned mine shafts

The Abandoned Adit Equipment - What did we find in Stola Brno?

The underground exploration is exciting, but a bit scary and dangerous. First, you may freeze there. Even though it was the middle of summer, it was about 8 degrees inside. We were aware of that, so we took warm clothes. Falling rocks are another problem. When you see piles of stones that have fallen from above, your imagination sees worst-case scenarios. But when we found a lot of stuff, we realized that it was worth it. After digging the tunnel, there was left a fan that is still rusting. The tunnel is supported by rusty iron struts that color the surroundings red. We also noticed numbers on the concrete slabs that perhaps indicate the distance from the entrance. We also found something that made us shiver unpleasantly – yellow rubber boots for children.

minecraft abandoned mine shaft

Yellow Rubber Boots In Stola Brno - Was There Any Accident In Abandoned Tunnel?

We often find scary things on urbex. Usually these are the remains of dead animals or photos that suggest a sad history of the place. However, yellow children’s rubber boots found in the adit caused a lot of reflection. Why are they there? Maybe a tragedy happened there. As we described above, the adit is dangerous. Cold temperature or falling rocks may be deadly, especially for children. We noticed also that the stola was able to visit for everyone, because it is not secured. Maybe some child from the nearby residential area got lost there? Or maybe someone took these boots there to have creepy urbex photos, and left them there forever. Of course, we strongly believe that nothing wrong happened there and those boots are only an awful joke.

abandoned mine escape

Urbex Photography - The Stola Brno Photos

That was undoubtedly an interesting, exciting and scary trip. We captured this amazing object in our photos. Maybe adit is not as colorful as a cooling tower. Maybe there are no art deco elements like in Kelenföld. But you can find the railway where the Red Star Train could go. It’s a special place, and we hope that you’ll enjoy our photos.

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