Did Wednesday Addams Live In This House? – Abandoned Mansion In Hungary

Addams Family House In Hungary - The Abandoned Mansion In The Middle Of Nowhere

As you know, we travel around Europe to find the most interesting abandoned places. And as you probably noticed, Hungary is our favorite country. We saw a lot of abandoned buildings in Budapest, like Kelenföld Power Plant, Red Star Train Graveyard, or Obuda Gasworks. All of them were amazing and unique, but we wanted to find something that reflects the typical Hungarian architecture. We decided to go towards Balaton and find an amazing object which looks like the Addams Family House in color – Kégl Kastély (Kégl Palace). Yes, we know, the real Addams Family house was built in Victorian style, but a lot of buildings from the Austria-Hungary era resemble 19th century British buildings. And just see the photo below, and tell us what was your first thought. 

addams family

A Complicated Urbex Trip - How To Get To The Abandoned Palace In Hungary?

Ok, so that was our first trip in Hungary out of Budapest. We decided to go there by public transport. Was this journey difficult? Well yes, but actually no. The first part was easy. Just go by train to Székesfehérvár. There were a lot of direct trains, so that was not a big deal. The biggest issue was how to get from Székesfehérvár to Kégl Palace. The Google maps showed us such complicated connections. We felt so lost, so we went to the information on the bus station. The girl working here was also confused, but he managed it really well. Only thanks to her creativity, we were able to get there and return as well. 

the addams family

A Dangerous Return From The Addams Family House - How Did We Survive?

Yeah, we are extremely grateful to the girl from the information who helped us to get there and return as well. If not for her, we would have returned to Budapest without the photos. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to see this beautiful object, but we also needed to return.  We had the ticket, we knew the station, so what could go wrong? The timing. We were there during the golden hour to take amazing pictures, but it meant we needed to catch the very last bus in the darkness. We went to the station on demand in the darkness. If the bus driver had missed us, we would have stayed there for the night in this cold forest. Fortunately, we used a flashlight, and the diver stopped. 

the addams family

The Kégl Palace in Hungary - What Is The Exact History Of This Place?

Ok, so we returned from this dangerous place, and we can show you the photos and tell the story of this amazing urbex object. So let’s start from the beginning. György Kégl bought the territory of Csalapuszta from Countess Júlia Nádasdy of Nádasd and Fogarasföld in 1873 for HUF 390,000. The castle was built between 1876 and 1878 according to the plans of Alajos Hauszmann, in the Neo-Renaissance style. And as the Victorian style has the elements of renaissance, we can see the similarity to the Addams Family House. Ok, but what is the architecture of this building? As you can see in the photos, it was a free-standing, two-story building with a complex floor plan. On the left side of the building there is a three-story tower with a square plan. On the third floor we have the viewing area with three semi-circular openings on each side, Renaissance windows supported by pillars. In the upper part of the Rizalite next to the tower, you can see pilasters with the Ionic heads. 

the addams family 2

The Architecture Of The Kégl Palace - What Rooms Can We Find In This Abandoned Palace

Ok, now you know everything about the Kégl Palace outside, but probably you are also interested in the Addams Family House interior. We were walking there and imagined what types of rooms were located there? On the ground floor of the castle, behind the entrance, we found a hall, and next there was a salon. In the left part were the rooms of the lady’s and the governess. On the first floor, we found the dance hall, the billiard room, and the gentleman’s room. A basement was created of course underground, and there was the kitchen. That’s our imagination about this house, but we are interested in your thoughts. Check our urbex photos below, and let us know what could be located there. 

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